Econet Premium Data+

Check your emails, browse sites and stay current and up-to-date on news and social media on your brand new device and get a monthly data allocation with Econet Premium Data+ packages.

Get an intuitive tablet on 24 month post paid contract and transform your browsing experience. Take a look at the Econet Premium Data+ packages and pick one that works for you.

Once your monthly bundle is exhausted you can recharge and continue to stay connected. Enjoy an uncapped post paid account with Econet Premium Unlimited, and never worry about recharging again and experience a limitless account.

Contract Package Monthly Subscription Device Data Usage Bonus Data
Econet Premium Data+ 80 $80.00 iPad Mini 1,000MB $9.00
Econet Premium Data+ 80 $80.00 iPad Air 2 64GB 750MB $5.00